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Project Aces uses tennis to teach the game of life, with the belief that tennis is a key to unlocking barriers. Through our after-school tennis program, kids build leadership skills, confidence, and sportsmanship. We offer free, high quality tennis instruction that provides youth with a fun, interactive way to stay healthy and active. Our coaches draw parallels between sport and academics; both require time, integrity, and discipline. Through the use of tennis, we hope to inspire our youth to become champions both on and off the courts, as well as in the classroom.


While tennis is crucial in building champions outside of the classroom, our tutoring and mentoring programs build the necessary skills to achieve success in the classroom. Project Aces implements the Academic Creative Engagement (A.C.E.) curriculum designed by the United States Tennis Association (USTA)  in order to support academic achievement and the development of social/emotional skills by guiding students through the processes that include decision-making, problem solving, and teamwork. This program promotes the use of one-on-one academic tutoring to improve students’ reading, writing, and math skills. A.C.E. is an unparalleled way to create an inclusive environment that engages our underserved youth and helps us to achieve our goal of academic and athletic development. 

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By focusing on character development in every aspect of our program, we encourage our youth to be their best selves. 


Ingrained in the development of our after-school program are our guiding principles: respect, determination, integrity, and responsibility. Our approach to each of these guiding principles is rooted in the growth of supportive mentor-mentee relationships that guide our youth through the struggles in and out of the classroom. With these principles, we help our youth to develop leadership, social, and emotional skills, as well as to find their voice to become role models to the next generation.